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the math ark sz

youre always trying to figure out
what i am all about
if you dont know what the answer is
then just shut up and kiss

it shouldnt take forever
to put it all together

if you cant do the math
then get out of the equation
i am calling you back
this is - 69

is it a minus or a plus
does enough equal enough
if you cant do the math
then nothing adds up
tell me why im here

sure i want someone to understand
but i dont need the stress
im not about being analyzed
like its some kind of test

dont have to be a genius
to figure whats between us


you can spend your whole life analyzing
justifying, quantifying, and dividing
till theres nothing anymore
why dont you just close your eyes
and kiss my lips and let it go
just let it flow
its what im waiting for

dont have to be a genius
to figure whats between us

[chorus 2x]


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