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metamorphosis ark sz

ive been so wrapped up in my warm cocoon
but somethings happening, things are changing soon
im pushing the edge, feeling it crack
and once i get out, theres no turning back

watching the butterfly go towards the sun
i wonder what i will become

whatever this is
whatever im going through
come on and give me a kiss
come on, i insist
ill be something new
a metamorphosis

things are different now when i walk by
you start to sweat and you dont know why
it gets me nervous but it makes me calm
to see life all around me moving on

watching the butterfly go towards the sun
i wonder what i will become


every day is a transformation
every day is a new sensation
alteration, modification
an incarnation, celebration
every day is a new equation
every day is a revelation
information, anticipation
onto another destination



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