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love just is ark sz

when the night wont fall and the sun wont rise
and you see the best as you close your eyes
when you reach the top as you bottom out
but you understand what its all about

nothings ever what it seems
in your life or in your dreams
it dont make sense, what can you do
so i wont try makin sense of you

love just is... whatever it may be
love just is... you and me
nothing less and nothing more
i dont know what i love you for... love just is

when you ask to stay and disappear
it seems youre gone but youre really here
when every move seems out of place
but every kiss is filled with grace

some things never get defined
in your heart or in your mind
it dont make sense, what can you do
so i wont try makin sense of you


dont ever ask me for reasons
i cant get to you
dont ever ask me for reasons
why i live for you... i just do

[repeat second stanza]



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