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little voice ark sz

i wont tell you what im thinking
cause its not the same thing youre thinking too
you could say i got a best friend
and shes always telling me what to do

shes out of sight but easty to find
shes in the front of my mind

the little voice in my head wont let me forget
the little voice in my head is never misled
all of this noise is what keeps me from making a mess
the little voice in my head just wont let me get with you

la lala la la......

when i see you i admit
i start to lose my grip and all of my cool
you smell so sweet just like my perfume
what have we been doing since i left you

youre always there in my thoughts
but that doesnt mean that its on


i know i sound insane, like im playing games
cause all i really want is you
but there are some things a girl wont do



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