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last christmas ark sz

last christmas
i gave you my heart
but the very next day, you gave it away
this year
to save me from tears
ill give it to someone special

once bitten and twice shy
i keep my distance
but you still catch my eye
tell me baby
do you recognize me?
its been a year
it doesnt surprise me
(whispered) merry christmas,
i wrapped it up and sent it
with a note saying "i love you"
and meant it
now i know what a fool ive been
but if you kissed me now
i know youd fool me again


a crowded room
friends with tired eyes
im hiding from you
and your soul of ice
oh my i thought you were
someone to rely on
i guess i was a shoulder to cry on
a friend to discover with a fire in her heart
a girl under cover but you tore me apart
you tore me apart, ooo-ooo
now ive found a real love youll never fool me again


a friend to discover with a fire in her heart
a girl under cover but you tore me apart
[spoken] maybe next year,
ill give it to someone
ill give it to someone special.


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