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anywhere but here ark sz

when im in a crowd
or on an island by myself
silent or too loud
wishing i was somewhere else
and i cant believe
you hit me fast and hard
when you turn to me and say
never change the way you are

trying to catch your eye
things will never look the same
now i cant deny
youre the moth and im the flame
there i go again
i should walk before i run
how can i explain
i cant stop what youve begun

im falling through the door
flying cross the floor
when you look at me suddenly its clear

youre burning up my dreams
crazy as it seems
i dont wanna be anywhere but here
anywhere but here

what goes on inside
is a mystery no doubt
a roller coaster ride
i may never work it out
heres the brand new me
skates around and floats on air
im a sight to see
rainbow colors in my hair
you have set me free
the one who gets me there


here is the place where
my head is spinning
time is beginning
to race away
you come to throw me
knock me off my feet
you give me wings to fly
the world goes crashing by again

[chorus 2x]


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