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bloodwar in heaven ark sz

we have always tried to judge
what is good what is evil
we have always tried to win
but now all is over!
life is too short to learn
but i know you are my answer
and demons grow in my head
but i cant stop them...

strange lights....shining in the sky

time is never enough
i cant find the right words
to make you understand
that i feel an emotion

this half-moon tonight
is smiling with the stars...

i see through your eyes
what you feel now inside
angels are crying
falling in this hell
you trust me again
but ill love you until the end
im trying to fight
this bloodwar in heaven

lights and shadows obfuscate my mind
what is wrong and what is right this time?
queen of death you can save me tonight
destroy my doubts
i could die for her.

[words: vasce]


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