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milligrams for migraines ark sz

i feel deserted in her eyes
like im floating in red seas
set your sails, catch a breeze
under early morning skys
she drives far away from me
set your sails, set me free

she rolls the window down and she screams an awful sound
twenty miles down shes found her voice
it travels in the wind
and breaks my walls down, breaks me in
breaks me down, it breaks me in

ill be leaving all the lights on
wondering where youve gone
ill be sleeping with the lights on
all the while youre gone

so simple your life gets
the more running through your head
you know, its day by day its how life goes
constantly alone, familiar places are unknown,
the clocks always ticking too slow
its not that my hearts breaking, its not that my mind is aching
its the shaking of my hands
the constant shaking. no one understands
so i pull the window down and i scream an awful sound

calling out to you.

when you find your way, if you find your way
ill be waiting
leaving all the lights on.
wondering where youve gone,
ill be sleeping with the lights on
all the while your gone


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