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head games ark sz

ive put aside all my worries and my cares
but now your in my dreams again, "what are you doing there?"
am i the same? cause i dont feel the same
or have i changed?, forgotten what its like to feel okay.....
and everytime i hear your name it puts me down
and everytime i see your face i turn around
i shouldnt feel this way, so i push it all away
just wishing i could stay away from you......
i can see it in your eyes, i think your worried
and maybe scared, cause im in your dreams again,
when you thought you were getting somewhere,
from all the pain and all the little things, the head games
im closer then id like to feeling insane........
all i wanted was someone to hold onto
all i asked for was someone to help me through
all i wanted was just someone to hold onto
all i got was you.........now ive got you


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