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this puzzled look you said to me says, "you put me back together"
her heads down she waits impatiently
"scattered in my heart, torn up and ripped apart"
(its ripped apart)
you know i should have known the times she looked at me
brace yourself...she falls, gracefully
just wait and, youll see your everything i want
dont take this from me
just wait and, youll see your everything i want
dont take this from me now...

wind strong in my face
im still staggering through
im closer to the ground then i will ever get to you
dirt deep beneath my finger nails im gripping to the floor
searching through this world always looking for something more
and these cold winter nights without you next to me
it feels like 20 below frost bite on my heart
this pain and suffering are feelings that
you dont know

what does it feel like
to feel like 20 below


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