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the slightest idea ark sz

are you all you want
yes you are
now the worst comes out and how
who all had that heart
bless them all
watch them become background
once into the water
yes you are
now into the ground
found out what makes us shudder
yes you are
alive and turned up so loud
so save your mortal soul
no one has to know
the kid we all control
arms length to the mirror
yes you are
betting on the bed to be there
are we coming clearer
yeah we are
fired up to be fed
were already all red
yes we are alone
so sell that mortal soul
no one has to know
the kid we call control
so when the covers lose color
when you turn and go
say do you want to know what they know
not the slightest
the kid we call control
now into the ground
yes we are


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