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the frowning of a lifetime ark sz
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the frowning of a lifetime ark sz

some days you cant help but wake up helpless
the window world has got you all arms ready and
although i want to cheer you up in the worst way
i can only muscle down a frown
some days i cant help but wake up helpless
this goodnight girl has got me all arms ready and
she might sell them all but i can tell
the worth of her three weary words
not what you would guess
bow (check) arrow (check) apple (check)
run for your life
the ride is on fire
all in tune
all of this abandon
i can barely stand it
all in tune
there is a lifetime of fun stuck between
the machinery of your memory
go get it
this certain sickness thats sure to spin you
but theres remedy in a formula that reads
easy as one two thirteen
kelly got caught
thinking on the clock
all in tune
lady is a raven
new eleanora fagan
all in tune
when you come to
will you come true
moving like a cloud
covering your tongue
breathing out curls of
smoke into the world
im never gonna find you
never will remind you
to cover up your breath
when youre back up at the desk
shiver in a storm
we dance to keep warm
touhy ave two-step
as animated as i get
the frowning of a lifetime
it always is the right time
go ahead and try


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