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quit ark sz

if youre through with it
you are gonna make me sick
sitting their with your hands in your hair
if youre through with it
you are gonna make me sick
no one cares who you carried to get here
in a quiet murmur of spit
cash it in with a whisper of wit
havent you seen them
loving your commitment
the show of a man who feigns
a love that i love
now i said it
so by the time you come to
well know just what to do
well be singing and dancing
for the death of romancing
yeah i have finally found her
yeah show me where it hurts
heres your punishment
you had the best that you will ever see
you wasted it
now she sees the good in me
we could talk for hours and hours about you
but we dont
what good could that possibly do
so by the time you come to
she finally forgot you
well be singing and dancing
our rebirth of romancing
yeah she has finally found me
yeah ill show you where it hurts
you wont hear me breathe
i sleep so soundly
hear me
stepping over heads to get ahead
at that rate you will surely get your due
but youll have to wait around
until you are dead
you wont hear us breathe
we sleep so soundly
your lost love and me
were not listening
(so how does that feel now
cut the power to the amplifier
cut the cord to the generator
break every living mirror
in your ever-elevator
on paper you hate her
but to her face youre a savior)
pu my headphones on
and youll all be gone


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