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bells ark sz

is this the best you have to offer us?
you genius, your hair mussed
by now you must have heard about the whirling world outside
twist a knife in it, i dont care
drain the life from it, i dont care
if you can fake it you can take them like a photograph.

with a coy sigh in time
with girlfriend waiting on the line
fine, but cant you wait to make her cry?
and theyll remember you alive
as that pain in their unkind invitation tonight
so heres your credit for the lie
that youve been hanging
and over awaiting your reply.

is this the worst you have to peddle us?
scandalous? oh spare us!
by now they must have heard about your worried world inside
pull the covers up, i dont care
call all your lovers up, i dont care
if the fates sing to your face queen of the raincloud club.

i lied when i said we were alike
your rest friend waiting on the line
to compliment your new shine
i can hardly stand to stand here now
to be your stare to admit to all
the pain that youve been painting
and over and i cant bear to stay.

so come on and sing along!
arent we bridges arent we bells?
arent we chuckling through our curls?
up to heaven and down to hell
say it again pal, arent we bells?

arent we statues in a story
where we choose our goals of glory
over family and over friends
say it again and again.

arent we bridges arent we bells?
arent we sighing in our cells?
up to heaven and down to hell
say it again pal, arent we bells?
arent we bells?


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