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a-list actress ark sz

roll film

sweat out heart
perfect for the part
part of me for all to see
ive blocked this scene
in everynights dream
camera cuts to close up
a-list actress
messing up my line
every time
beautiful moves around

theres a crew of cameras outside
they want a simple reason why
a headline
inching up the drive
can you imagine a better
line (life) life?

sweat out heart
perfect for the
apartment where we fell apart
movie rain is just water in a pipe
camera cuts to two-shot
a-list actress
messing up my mind
every time
beautiful moves around

youre a cut above the clueless
in careful character for news
in league with all things heavenly
whats a star to do?

here in the real world
how does it feel?

down down down
comes calamity
just because
come and take a picture
down down down
comes recovery
just because
come on take a picture

spit out heart
perfect for the
catastrophe i know i can be
please tell me am i crazy?
are you crazy for me?
a-list actress
messing up my life
every time.

beautiful take


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