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to the nines ark sz

a constant crave to consecrate within my own burning fire
obliquity and nothingness never could find the desire
conformity and null judgement never made residence
within-accomplishing a complete harvest
finish where you begin
--self achieve--self believe--self achieve--self divinity--
grow where youre planted
and reap within your lessons learned
your fullest harvest
will come when you step back and yearn
grow where youre planted
and reap within your lessons learned
your self arrival
will come of bliss and pride youve earned
to the nines
a steadfast need to open and feed
fullfillment in my own mind
emptiness and malevolence
never could secure or bind
abhorrence and bitterness
is like the blind leading the blind
accomplishing a full harvest
perceive withing and you will find
--self achieve--self believe--self achieve--self divinity--


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