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basking in the darkness ark sz

basking in the darkness-why?
a black rose-a dead hand
be of the strong seems i cannot stand
just pretending to ignore it all
nightmares-this fear
of the one who has killed you all
closed eyes-a sealed mind
basking in the darkness
why?-dark voice-my head
be of the strong seems i have not bled
concave-your trust
your fears come from evil lust
no way-to erase
the vivid pain that lurks inside
the drab skies-the evil lies
basking in the darkness
reflections of the fresh rain on the concrete
my brains all twisted and my life keeps dying
dilluted dreams floating in
the gutter once glistening
the ones that dont care
were the only ones listening
basking in the darkness
why? basking in the darkness


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