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[rock] aight just put that beat on son, the shit is bangin son
[ruck] which one?
[rock] the one buck gave you son
(somethin new man)
[rock] ima kick some shit son
[rock] aiyyo twist some of that
(niggaz gone down the road to the way to get a new blunt)
[ruck] yo put the towel, put the towel under the door son
(got it man)
[ruck] cmon man you just walked in here man, put the shit up
[rock] yo fix the smoke alarm duke
[ruck] word up man, what the fuck
[rock] yo man fuck that
(yo yo you remember what happened last time)
[ruck] thats what im sayin man, a motherfuckin new here
got that man
[rock] hahaha, check this out, the fuckin hoe, get the fuck outta here man
[ruck] word up
[rock] word up


just kick some t-a-w-l to the sean
drop bombs makes me holier than qurans
or bibles, seans your idol, upon my arrival
upon earth i was blessed at birth with these fuckin recitals
hah, who wanna, test my skills
niggaz best to chill, or leave here with my testi-cules
the, shits ill, it sounds like that so ahh
ruck and rock represent cause we let your brainz blo


check it out yo, whose that nigga over there? rockness
rappers be actin like they queer they need to stop this
or i attack, from the rear, make your locks twist
like titties when broads take off they brassiere you drop quick
swimming up in your subconcious its me
bummy jah come to regulate so call me mp
make punani puke, throw up your dukes if you got the
heart to test the lyrical rocket launcher, fuck your shotgun
i got tons that shine, any man call him yo
-knocking at the door- yo yo
yo dont open that shit man
yo yo get the fuck that aint the fucking knock man
get the fuck, fuck that, dont open dont open that shit
fuck that aint the fucking knock man, shhh
-knocking- yo, let me in nigs, let me in


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