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the square triple r ark sz

[ruck whispering]
oooh... astonishing!

[rock, (repz)]
uh-ha! what do we have here?
caught up in the center
(we equal emcee squared)
the square, every corner locked down
four corners, take position, four soldiers
every where ya turn theres one, boy

[chorus: rock, (repz)]
we be triple r rated, but we form a square
(we equal emcce squared)
ruck and rock, representativz, ya worst nightmare
(we equal emcee squared)
yo, when push came to shove, then i pushed and shoved
(we equal emcee squared)
slugs in that niggas mouth, when he show us no love
(we equal emcee squared)

check it, styles surrounds to pound emcees
testin we, gets grooved in three
as in the triple r, my troups get biz by far
supreme steams through ya team and leaves scars
we formed the square, now theres nowhere to turn to
burn through crews wit troups thats nocturnal
writin my journal, my first mission
shittin on these faggot emcees, this industrys in submission

yo, whos the square there squared wit the back bender?
i beat blood out of ya number one contender
the representativz are, sent to ya drama
while i sneak up behind ya to put space in ya back like a comma
time to battle, escape? how? trapped in four corners
plus the walls or closin in on ya
like that karate instructor in that bart simpson commercial
i hurt ya, by droppin bombs, gods universal

[lidu rock]
niggaz be actin sweet like ladies and if they try and play me
lidu rock will come through at wet ya block like the navy
display mine, on point, god, the square keep
label me as the nigga that smoked the grym reaper
undercover like a campian wearin sneakers
great ya wit a boot to ya face, then see ya
off out on the range, beware of my terrain
four levels of pain, you got caught, so whos to blame?

man the battle station, as i plan to rattle a nation
rock, lidu rock and supreme, the team you be facin
my minds place in, between a rock and a hard place
but the gods safe, rocks my man in the heart place and yall gay
we triple r, cripple yall, get ya crutches
sparsky and dutch is, rockin mad domes, causin ruckus
who give a fuck if ya nice, ya get mangled and mashed
like dope fiends dyin off a ten, goin hash


[lidu rock]
we be triple r rated, but we form a square
tranform like decepts into a cubic shape and dare
anyone to test this, i done roll wit the best fish
that sam wit the sharks, against crews that mad me restless
i bet this, here energy, youll blow the vencinity
and blast motha fuckas who approach me like the enemy
im simply holdin my angle down, jack
so if ya self-defence is war, then i suggest you attack

aiyyo, we equal emcee squared, dare tempt me
empty shells, now ya layin where playas and pimps be
on microphones wit hyper tones
thats when i swipe ya bones wit knife and chromes
see, im r rated, pa hated when i made it
in ya rap game, cuz ya planes been invaded
i laced it like sneakers and funny cigarettes
niggaz get wet from flows they ass couldnt figure yet

make way for the bum rush, niggaz get touched
ya think ya tough, bring in the drama, if ya crews rough
what? for motha fucks up in ya visual
deliver blows to foes in my peripheral
my ill subliminal attack pety individuals
tired of cliches, these days who come original?
like criminals, and you get bust and such
test my triple r rated and get crushed to dust

yo, we blew through the door, i said it before
you asked for it, who want beef? while heres war!
we two emcees squared, equal four rated triple r
leave you pretty boy playas scared, trapped in cars
when will you pirahnas learn?
bitin my shit, larry, you fish burn
here in the square, where you runnin, g?
you rather be trapped in a lions den wit pork chop draws, then front on me

[chorus x2]

make way...

-various indistinct talk-


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