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sean wigginz ark sz

got all my magnum niggaz in here, word up
sean peeeeeeeee
yeah, yeah, yeah, word is bond
word up, m-f-c
hah, word up, yeah, yeah
smack this nigga son, word up, hit him

yo, niggaz is pipsqueaks, thinkin shits sweet
i come discrete, turn your ass into mincemeat
ever since heat, got pulled from the waistline
with the bassline kick and snare, duke i make your click aware
so please god, never say jack shit to sean p
before i launch three shots directly at your army
word is bond, we be on some shit to the two-thou
loose mouth niggaz catch a hole in they goosedown
down, down, down-down, down-down-down, down
down, down, down, down-down, down-down

down-town, jumped off the train on ebbets
walkin down the street, bump into my nigga kevin
whattup ruck? i aint seen your ass in the seven
you still bustin motherfuckin shots at the reverand?
hell no i replied, elbows was applied
til his monkey-ass pulled out the heat, step aside

oh shit yo whassup whassup
yo son, yo, oh-oahh!


fuck you shoot him for man? he just asked you a question
fuck that, dont ask no questions in my shit
word is bond, i dont like that, yo word up
yo fuck them, yo fuck you
fuck that cat, word up
sean peeeeeeeeeeeee

-this, is the diary of sean wigginz-
-recognize, motherfucker-
-use your head for more than a fuckin hatrack-
-punk motherfuckers, word up-
-m-f-c, for life!-


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