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im not sure anymore more
who is knocking at my door door
all the people that i knew
acted funny when big ruck got some loot
but they cant see b, let my parabellum fly fly
cause i be god decipher devine vine
and a nigga cant test me an mine mine
if you wanna come feel it, nigga come but twice

some say sean price is, nice-is on mic devices
pack more power which make me more mightier than isis
try this, thats when the ruck shakes the rictor
inflictsta bring pain my aim is to rip ya
picture you tryin to break through my path
my eight blasts all you fuckin snakes in the grass
went to hell with angel dust,plus i bust the devils lungs
with lyrics that come from tip of the tongue now you sprung
sean sparks like john starks in the fourth quarter
oughta meet my peeps, thats deeper than the tora
unforgettable like nat king,
louieville chill because my motherfucking slap stings
this track brings, the average career to a halt
it inst my fault you fell victim to my verbal assault
if i had dollars for every nigga who dared to battle me on microphones,
id fuck around and be a millionaire

[illa noyz]
chump starts it
from the dark resubmerge,
i splurge on herbs with verbs and the usage of my words
them beats is swollen off of trees and colon
then, lyrical functions
i flow like trees through broadway junctions
see punks get bent on constant
when d-r-u-g blesses them s-t-c
gods wnen black dont slack
never cut slack
they been back to the wack
snatch off like jack
shit is, actual and factual
that my mental blast fools, it reacts like a gun tool
mental releases peices of no,
makin yo brains blow
got pros that froze like sub-zero and flows
i jams like the master shoot my lyrics like j
the emcees run from my house i dont play
on that days to display dismay blow away
to play movie celebrities you done away like fay


word is bon jovi, niggas dont know me
hoes blow me show me affection for constant erection
my direction is pistols pointed at niggas on bristol
who thought it was fun to pull guns and issue my dismissal
but you cant handle this,
cause i get scandalous when cannabis enters my system which makes me
more odd than tony randal bitch
due to circumstances and lyrical advances
nother man die, why, cause of my verbal enhancements
transmit advances over my mental highway
i say what i wanna, smoke marijuana
gonna hit you with a verse so nigga nurse your fuckin wounds
boom in my system keep me in time with tune



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