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who we be?
we be the b double o - t - c - a -m - p (x3)

im caught up in a zone of my own, i rome
run my fingers through my hair and give air to my stoned dome
and analyse, who to tear through, i dare you
devils that try to ban me that dare would be bare proof
whos he? stalking the streets when theres no life
eyes glow like tiko night glows, wes in flight
but it dont glow like, wack, the glows phat
and it be the only glow that lemme know where a true warrior be at

ogc, gunn clappa, number 2
louieville, do he ill, snap in half your crew
back, smack, a few of you till your ears ring
duke i smack em with the bat. why?
so my hands dont sting
i bring rec in this game, and dont shit change
i inflicts pain like a stressed brain having a migraine
heads talk trash, walk in paths like anorexic
patients, laced up, overdosed in the exits
and see, hears, these dumb, blind rappers
who dont know the meaning of the originoo gunn clappaz
many phrases, many ways you can explain this
put on some rough, tough shit, huh, ill make you famous
so, step dont stare, dare cross this path beware
representativz and foul play out the rear (out the rear)

we see in the dark like an owl
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl
out to eliminate those who live foul
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl

creep stalking, we, coughing,
burgling, make me wonder why im not sleep walking
peeps talking, i hear em as i walk by, but they all die
im fortified with the 45
fuck it! let me proceed with the mission
no need for intermission, i need trees in my system
cut down through mart, then i head for brisk in park
with my p n c, for some yard to spark
no need to get hyper, i see, c, cypher
power on the corner fucking with my niggers, every hour
i devour, niggers who wanna test me and defy me
it might be giuliani or the illuminati
but i be, writing plans of attack in my journal
so, ruck, rock, ville sluggah remains nocturnal
seeing through sheisty shit, shining like im solar
penetrate through darkness bounce like im sonar

we been found less an organised ways to buckwild
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl
spread the word, 29 million square miles
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl

one clik, stomping on the path, thats so hard
aint no smiling, we up against the odds like phil collins
meanwhile, i still be wilding, but only smarter (what?)
peep me the irrational and the quiet riot starter
pardon this, i see youre not the sharpest pencil in the box
no where near a match, you get smashed by a rock
i done seen 3 dollar bills and you faker
and you wonder why i hate ya
a snakell get snatched by his tail, slammed on his head
give me some panda thread (??) the cobra command the dead
ban the red
w - hypen b - u recognise! heltah skeltah digs them and not you

damn,?? trials
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl
we live nocturnal in the ninety-now
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl
in the concretes streets of bucktown
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl
dont let your name show up next on my foul (file)
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl


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