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place to be ark sz

[rock] yo, yo come here man, come over here duke
[ruck] get your shit over here man
[rock] no, yo stand over here, stand over here
[ruck] get the fuck over here man
[rock] place to be, nah duke, come over here this where its at duke


[ruck] place to be is on my side duke
cause you dont wanna be the target when i fly the coupe
[rock] nah! place to be is on my side duke
cause you dont wanna be the target when i fly the coupe

buenos dias
you know me as
ruck-l numero uno
popey chuno stickin dick to yo chick coolo
hard to kill like the white boy had to snatch a mc off the rap back
for the simple fact hes wack so whats the deal?
i feel you cant step to sean
wiggin out on bitch ass niggas since decepticons (transform!)
the plans on but i wish mary j. blidge remind me
take my hoodie off nigga i cant see behind me
why these guys chose to defy laws
of the most high most guys get they shit wrapped in gauze
place to be is on my side
motherfuck ya pride, lay undercover from big ruck
if ya monkey ass wanna survive

yo and if you think thats hectic it gets worse when rocks up in it
so somebody tell the fat lady shes up in five minutes
shit is almost finished right after i take care of witnesses
roamin the primises not mindin they businesses
and bitches up in yo melon tellin you to jet
you know if you stay
i might give you some chest pains like cigarretes
bet ya bottom dollar dont move or swaller
you not promised tommorow but i promise you ill make ya holler
pop you coller
bone stones the way that i stalk in my zone
you can roam just dont get caught
place to be is on my side duke
cause you dont wanna be the target when i fly the coupe

chorus 1.5x

[ruck] yo bitch yo son that nigga jetted son
(both laughing)
[both] he a bitch nigga
[rock] bitch ass nigga man ooohh shit dude got mad sugar in his tank
[ruck] this is for all yall people, all yall people
that still got the little kid in em you know
[rock] put a ad in the motherfuckin paper we need
some true warriors in here

(chorus fades out)


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