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mfc lawz ark sz

yeah, heltah skeltah (outlawz)
mfc, almighty
ruck, yeah, yeah

verse 1:
i spit the vocab (vocab)
while most fags, go rap
no paths and brags about they bitch coach back
dont play it in the cup, ready to blast and twist
any nigga who be takin
im a pacifist
yo ass can diss
told you couldnt last to this
when you ask of the force of the magnum, bitch
you drastic (you drastic)
hastic about the car
smack em up with the heater
give em (?scips?) and scars
(give em (?scips?) and scars)
im hatin yall
niggas try to disrespect
techniques, next week
i will disconnect
your fuckin head of your shoulder
when the dread come below the
bombastic, pullin bad chips from his hoster
natural addict with lyrics on your transistor
on your radio takin no shit about the inflister
knew that nigga slapped on
me so i crapped on
(?the ab, its the mack, with more barry than steffon?)
yes yall (yes yall, hahahahahaha)
who the best in the indusphere
aint it the same nigga that disagree than shook em here
(shook em here)
vinagar, i be puttin motherfuckers plenty fear
in the heart of these bitch ass nigga with my steady chair
(steady chair)

who we be?
we be the b double o-t-c,-a-m-p
who we be?
we be the o-u-t-l-a,-w-z

verse 2: rock, young noble
livin this hell like the skeltah
who can i trust
[young noble]
move emotionless
puffin this vibe we got among us
im sick of niggas livin legal
so we got some outlawz
[young noble]
push the southpole
mad niggas dont get pushed in the southpole
(in the southpole)
[young noble]
i got yall
snatchin guilty tactics cause youre ashtray
straight up faggots
my mag spin to make a nigga backwards
[young noble]
attack shit like a full blooded pimp for sins
with them aimed at your (?)
[young noble]
named man with a vengance unless you lay for a thinkin
now i get so stupid,
niggas couldnt complete for a (?)
[young noble]
we livin
every single day at full speed, full breed, thugs be
fuck with this, you bleed (you bleed)
now were keepin best act boy at alcatraz
[young noble]
out for cash
moreno brought it down blast
[young noble]
oringal done clock niggas, fuck these rap niggas
[young noble]
what they need is all together
all my thugs is to perform
if you aint down for applause
you can get the fuck off
[young noble]
see them all at the strong
and get paid and move on
if you aint down for applause
you can get the fuck off
[young noble]
captured by the snitch
suddenly the people fall
yall aint down for a


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