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lethal brainz blo ark sz

intro: rock

punk ass niggaz man
niggaz dont know man
i better let all their brainz blo nigga
man listen


let the madness begin nigga, let it begin
let the madness begin and let the brainz blo if you grin
let it begin let it begin
let the madness begin and let the brainz blo if you grin

verse one: rock, ruck

aiyyo run for your gunz me and dutch coming through
rock ruck you and you crew fuck the boys in blue
this be bucktown around these grounds they dont roam
cuz we send em home with trays of slugs in they dome
blown out the frame by the rock, mr. flipster
shits heltah skeltah, wheres the inflixter

right by your side with my eyes on the posse
i see duke and red he said he wanna drop me
plus he claim he can burn me up in rap skits

shit take it to his grill ask the punk what he feel (fuck him)
two to his cheek cuz he weak sos his jaw
nigga played the cell frontin like he hard to the core
more i hear pussy talk more i wan flip
see i got enough slugs for your mom in my clip
strip to your drawers run your dough and your jewels
tools cocked it aint april 1st but im breakin fool
when punk niggaz test rock its like touchin live wire
catch a shock to your knot
from a glock that i pop, you dont want it with the rock
better duck dumbfucks youre out of luck
you got caught by the ruck

first of all, niggaz dont know jack, my flows fat
so far, my gat splat at niggaz who claim that my shits wack
you dont know i thought you knew it
too late bitch you blew it
now ima bang your shit up like i was lennox lewis
one, two, three four five
six seven eight niggazll shit wheres my nine
mil i drill fine skills into your mental
block i hit your temple hot become gentle not
you must mistake me for a sucker type of motherfucker
might lose his life, cuz im trife in the night

chorus 1/2

verse two: ruck, rock

whats the deal nigga? set it off in the dark
i spark marks when the big ruck flips the ark
the raw rapper jaw tapper ruckus kick it wicked
keep it real my click roll thick like acidics
plus, i be there like jackson, breakin your backs and
askin, who want more, thats when my fat spins
so chump chill fore my pump kill
you wanna ill still ruck knock out your front grill
the lyrical whatevah, cuz whatevah is lyrical
i bring forth, thoughts beyond those of physical
raps get deep when i mack with my peeps
you yappin bout beef youll get clapped in the streets bitch
this nigga ruck is fuckin crazier than ten niggaz
i send niggaz to hell, full of my rhymes and then i bend niggaz
so what?? pussy bring it on
word is bond, sean got songs thats mad strong
(so bring it on)


verse three: rock

man listen, another nigga bluffin
punk fuck discussion, when you see me get to snuffin
youre sweet as muffins, that mom dukes bake i break
yeah my timberlands make everything from your head to your north lake ache
so take your monkey ass to the rear
toe to toe or blow for blow we can square
yeah my brass knuckles make your knees buckle
what duke i lay more niggaz flat out on they back than a slug do
who knows what you, seem to be i didnt gas you
but you can keep it movin fore i beat your gassed ass
you punk bastard, you could get the gat quick
or your ass kicked, that dry shit your lips spit, get the chapstik
or a fat dick and thats it
heltah skeltah, lettin the brainz blo and thats if we

chorus 1/2

outro: rock

ahh, let the, madness begin
let the brainz blo if you grin
let the madness begin, let it begin
let the madness begin and let the brainz blo if you grin
let the madness begin
let it begin, let the brainz blo if you grin
let the madness begin let the madness begin
let the madness begin to let the brainz blo if you grin
we let the madness begin
we let the brainz blo if you grin
make way for the dreads and the pros
cuz we let the brainz blo


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