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here we come ark sz

{what the hell was your dick doin in the milk man?}

here we come (9x)
if you a dedicated soldier say here we come
[starang] here we come
here we come (2x)
if you a dedicated soldier say here we come
[starang] here we come
here we come (2x)
if you a dedicated soldier say here we come
[starang] here we come
here we come (2x)
if you a dedicated soldier say here we come

yours truly, far from booty starang wondah -clapping-
aka gun clappa numba won, so its only right i be
the first voice that you hear bringin you on this new
b.c.c. expedition
duck down staff is in the motherfuckin house -clapping-
bringing you this nocturnal lp (i love those guys)
nocturnal! which means to live life at nighttime
daytimes used to plot schemes for the night prowl baby -clapping-
in other words we see through the bullshit niggaz be tryin to do
so for this portion of the album, we bring forth da rockness monstah
-clapping- youknowhatimsayin?
(bringin forth heltah skeltah) boo-yaa!


you asked for it who want beef well heres war
for this i packs with automatic four-fours
fuck what you heard dont even speak bout my fleet
many pop shit but bitch when dem see me
rock out of the realms of dark in bucktown
me and ruck we dont, give a, wiggy what now (wiggy what now)
i wonder, if heads are ready or are they butter
aint near one of yall bitch niggaz tough
you can get your clans, posses, clicks bring the strategy
we starts mad ruckus and rock domes while we got a g
my soldiers gone psycho let the madness begin (let it begin)
enter the square if you dare bring a friend
we-a snipe ya, we see in the dark like an owl
so we prowl understand the plan is operation lockdown
chop rice and slice that punk shit you rapid g
drugs jewels and versacci niggaz need therapy
enter the great unknown, nocturnal images of
sparsky and dutch the power forward and the center (whatever)
needless to mention, this means war
so with the help of my twin shark and boot camp
i declare heltah skeltah

we be the w, w, b.c.c.
worldwide, boot camp click till we d.o.a.
we continue, smashin crews
ringin more bells than mont raceways and avenues

repeat 4x

here we come (repeat until fades)


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