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clans, posses, crews and kliks ark sz

[rock] aiyyo son (yo) aiyyo come downstairs son (what?)
[batty bwoy] asshole, asshole, asshole!
[rock] theres like six bitch-ass niggaz on the corner son
(aiyyo word?) these niggaz is rappin, kickin raps n shit
cant tell these niggaz they aint hype
they punk smoove bullshit, just meet me downstairs son
ima set it on these niggaz son
[ruck] yo ima be right there man, im gettin dressed now
[rock] these niggaz have no idea son, check it check it

verse one: rock, ruck

and one time for your mind, one time for the snitch droppin dime
me dont wanna hear you whine when my nines to your spine
glock diss, rocky, mountain, energys from my
fountain of youth runnin through my brain pounded
so dont be found in my clutches
if you dont who sparsky is, then you dont know who dutch is
dont get snuffed kid, we cause ruckus
and rock mad domes while we at it whos the first up
to see blackness like the universe

fuck that, niggaz better start runnin for shelter
live and direct with a nine tenth thats that nigga from heltah skeltah
word em up i murder ducks who never heard of ruck plus
my mind ills on rhyme skills with the nine that i buck (blahhh)
girls demand me, mad bitches i slam the
microphone you hand me till the judge remand me (what)
can we, get along like rodney, and rock please
put these niggaz in they proper place cause you cocky

i, be the drama bringer wringer of a niggaz neck
wrecker of a set i buck shots with a steel tec
wussy, wheres all them suckers talkin tracks bout they rnrin
(they heard us comin and turned to track stars, check it)
i be, never sloppy, i be rotc
i rock heads from bedrock to yugoslav-ia
robbin you and your crew blind yeah we do crimes
find that absoluts fine, or in to behind
now you whine, but yo stop the blood clot cryin
like screwface, i in the mood to bash your eyes in
devils does know who i am, madman from heltah skeltah
mr. flipster, rock, grandson of sam

as the world turns in my search for tomorrow
i seek the god in life, for some insight
freaky like a golden shower when my golden bowels
hit instrumentals get influential like colin powell, now
fuck the world, stick my dick in the dirt
pull tunes on spooks who claim i aint cool like levert
expert when i network my lyrics like a rebel
vexed cause the devil never take me to that next level
its never humble in asphault jungles
when you slang rocks and ricans in back deal with bundles
some may wonder, the evil these two men do, torment you
lyrical landlord, your fuckin rent due


clans, posses, crews and kliks
all yall bitch niggaz can suck my dick
kliks, posses, crews and clans
cant none of yall niggaz fuck with me and my man

verse two: rock, ruck

aiyyo, ones for the, shots i pop
twos for the anti-real snakes i fought and dropped
threes for the irrational ruck, bitch!
i be rock and the fours for hip-hop cause with this shit we rip shop
ask me how foul i am, mannn you know damn well
it was me that hit your bitch up in my mans van
too plexed your grand-pops then like corn i pop shit
you cant flush, fuckin with us youre smacked with hock spit
who dare square with rock me i break you
tree times worse dan a bumba claat earthquake do
heltah skeltah is hectic hit the deck then step
if you wanna hear your neck click
see this center, but really play no basketball
i do my shootin with a motherfuckin mac you fall
to the floor, ogc hit up everything that come through the door
recognize heltah skeltah mean war

so whats the reason for the treason, punk you wanna die
my mind crucify those who try to defy
god cipher devine drop bombs on the blind
in the mood to get rude with the lyrics instead of my nine (hah)
now i (what) want a nigga to come with hand skills
man chill, might end up in a landfill
stand still, nigga you know the position
glocks clickin from niggaz who aint got pots to piss in
plus i get hyped when my mic strikes windpipes
me and rock is this tight (therell never be no fist fights)
youre lip punks when my fifth smokes the rich folks
who sniff coke, now your bitch broke aint no misquote
i just spoke, wicked ways with words of wisdom
like cyclops i spot fly shots with ill vision
similar to none son so it fuckin seem
savages get sewn the fuck up with shots to they spleen

chorus: repeat 4x


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