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sacred sword ark sz

in a world devasted by hate,

there is little chance to survive

violence and tragedy make the laws,

leaving everyone alert

nowadays the world is not the same

in the past, justice ruled

only a grasped sword, will make a difference now

chorus: sacred sword, the time has come

lets fight

sacred sword, be by my side

make it right

lets look for it now,

we cant wait any more

through mountains,

seas and forests

no doubt, she will be there

waiting for the true knight,

to combat the evil ones

only a grasped sword,

will make a difference now

repeat chorus

let us get what is ours,

beceuse life gave us that

lets make things right,

for those who believe

we wont put our guards down,

because we also believe

only a grasped sword,

will make a difference now


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