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horus/aggressor ark sz

[lyrics by tom warrior (1984)]

was it tomorrow
or will it be yesterday
when abolished, rotten instincts
will, for the last time, be awake
and malice, slander, and hate
will rule the ignorant heart

aggressor - deceiver of reality - aggressor
aggressor - inverter of protection - aggressor

the final chapter is yet unwritten
but the trail leads toward greed
who will be the traitor
how many, all of them?
ruthless is the creation
created through pale ages


duplicated in confusion
horizons of black fire
thorns in the chosens eye
stench of false hails
decline of all thrones
when only perception can survive


was it still tomorrow
or yet will it be yesterday
when abolished, rotten instincts
were, for the last time, ruling minds
then... eternal silence
and the future remains the past



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