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few against many ark sz

found my resolve
to stick to my ground
to stand up and shout
but i just cant make a sound

caught by the man
you tripped out of line
you spoke out of turn
but you could not find the words

like a rat in a trap
ill be waiting for you
taking punches for kicks
ill be bait for the kill

was it all in my head
did you know all along
that its just you and me
were agianst the world

dressed up to kill
been coated in arms
with fire in your eyes
melt me down and suck me in

like a dog to a bone
fitted collar and chain
i will catch what you throw
in the chase i am sane
and its all that i know
and its all that i can take
till its time to give up
raise the candles and blow

were up against the world
were up against the world
were up against the world


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