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disconnector ark sz

ive been looking for the questions
to the answers ive been fed
a banquet of lies
digested with a smile
im a captive in a hole
im gracious in defeat
take back the mic
turn off the light i stole

youre the captain of your soul
the master of your fate
i dreamt of being like you
so pure. so clean. so whole.
i just need one more chance
to rinse my eyes
and wash away my blindness
wash away my sadness
wash my dependence
wash away my fear

so i can give myself protection
when you put me down
so i can deal with disconnection
when i hit the ground
get resistance to the infection
that you spread around

so i can declare my independence

its been so long so high
this wall ive climbed
so green so blue
so real, surreal
im home, im dry, im free
ive washed my hands of the future


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