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the cloak ark sz

the black night is the cloak i wear
im a nightmare borne on wings
a dark image of boundless fear
on the street im king of kings

a pale specter of shattered hopes
im a symphony of lies
a vague shadow, a nameless pair of eyes...

a stained picture of broken dreams
im a twisted demons rage
a cold whisper, a silent scream
im a panther left uncaged

the dim glow of the haunting moon
im your deepest fears unveiled
the wind mocking your every step
im a dagger cast in steel

the black night is the cloak i wear
im a serpents icy gaze
a grim chorus, a sirens suite
im the misty twilight haze

the chill stabbing the midnight air
im a frenzied banshee cry
a blind evil, a mindless beast
im the fate you cant defy


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