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nightmare ark sz

dark figures dancing madly underneath the moon
chilling cold of fright surrounds you here
shivers running down your spine like frigid blades of ice
the wind blows applause throughout the hills
nighttime brings vague and shapeless visions into view
images of evil catch your eyes
danger lies amidst the shadows everywhere you turn
cause in your dreams the darkness never ends...

nightmare - faces in the dark surround you
nightmare - images of hell around you
nightmare - nowhere left to hide
nightmare - haunting you tonight

memories of haunting voices burning in your mind
a strange uneasy presence in the air
your heart pounds, your breath stops, you tremble with fear
cast into a cauldron of despair
caught within a wrath of torment every night you dream
soon youll be afraid to close your eyes
imaginary fears are flowing like a steady scream
as you approach your midnight-mare

nightmare - nowhere left to hide
nightmare - haunting you tonight
dont go out alone
dont go out alone
dont go out alone!


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