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cacophony of anger ark sz

[written by derek peace and steve benito]

[copyright 1988 richard cheese music-ascap]

somehow, somewhere, someone
sold me the wrong set of dreams
like a rag doll in careless hands
i come apart at the seams

like a willow im bending -an actor pretending
the script ive been given is true
like a child that is force-fed
im throwing this shit back at you

anger and fury my
anger and fury my
anger and fury my
anger and fury my
wall of anger -my cacophony

neon and screens were my feeling machines
no wonder i feel like a fool
im a fire of resentment with media methane as fuel

my soul and the soles of my shoes both have holes
still somehow i get through the sorrow
two pairs of socks and a shot in the arm till tomorrow


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