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the temple of theil ark sz

[music & lyrics: f. calluori]

brave, noble sidgar
the sky pronounced thy name
the gods have told me to reveal to you all i know
i shall show you the way
a star will be thy guide
keep now the secrets of the land of eternhill

defy the winds
pass through the frozen
waters no mortal has passed through before

ride in the holy mountain
in the divine realms
where now the shadows reign
travel through forests
unknown to men
with the gods youll ride cross the plains of eternhill

glorys echoes invoke thy name - for thy beloved and thy lands ride

to the temple of theil - to the land of eternhill to the temple of theil -
to the dwelling of might
to the temple of thiel...

up there through the shades of twilight
where you will see a bright red star
thy journey will begin
to the land of eternhill

its name is skyward, the eye of the gods
follow its blaze beyond the edge of the world

[repeat pre-chorus / repeat chorus]


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