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the island of ancient stone ark sz

"welcome to the court of asgardr, valiant heimdall
your evil brother loki, by a black spell
seized on the holy necklace of freyja
and took it to the dark island of ancient stone

run white god, defeat the evil one
bring the sacred jewel back again
it was forged by the dwarves of the fire race
in the icy caves
source of life - mystic symbol of creation
it holds the power of light - evil forces guarded it
in the dark mysterious
island of ancient stone

maids of the dark are coming across the sky
insanity obscures our reign
and upsets the fragile balance of the kingdoms
of the universe... return on the wind of glory and victory
restore order and peace"

"lord of war ill recover the jewel - i shall plunge my burning blade
into the chest of the enemy - i swear on my sword
i shall free the bewitched lands from the black threat"

[chorus (x2)]
he flew like and eagle over the lands of ice
destiny called him to the island of ancient stone

[bridge (x2)]
on the dark island among the waves of the sea
a god against a god - they fought through the day
till heimdalls 06 delivered the final blow and
loki - wounded - fell into the cold deep waters

[repeat chorus (twice)]

"ill return in revenge youll die, youll die, youll die"


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