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spirits of skyward ark sz

[music: c. gallo; lyrics f. calluori]

here you are, o divine star, rising beyond the horizon
thy red light shining is the sign that the time has come
spirits of skyward, ride the wind, come with me and guide
this my lonely way through lands where time stands still

my axe by my side, holy skyward watch over me
dispel any fear creeping in my soul
through enchanted paths, a stone kingdom
dismal and fatal lakes
may i ride beyond the forest where the heroes lie

you fly, noble spirits, in the sky
toward defeat or victory
toward legend and pride
or death guide me to my end

i feel a power around this place
i feel the temple is near
dark clouds spread a dreadful veil
thy blaze alone shines on

now immobile and still in the dark
through the mist and the fog
here! the mighty shape appears before my gaze

[repeat pre-chorus / repeat chorus]
everywhere sorrow
of the divine rage
i see the rerrible signs - around... around... around... around...
desolation and dim night
where is that spenour and pomp
thy eternal fame rests on?
the ancient glory
that rose and bloomed
is but a dim-remembered story
of a past time now entombed
where is the grandeur sung by poets?
you were the reign of dreams and hopes
now you are only a vast dark ruin


should i fail and die, i give you my soul -
gods, take and keep it in the kingdom beyond
[repeat chorus]


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