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scream of revenge ark sz

[music: c. gallo; lyrics: f. calluori & e. damato]

rise enemy, do not hide behind the holy walls
i am coming from the land of men to defy thy sword
rise through the winds, show me thy face full of hate
i shall stand in glorious victory and free my lands

god - perhaps you are afraid of a mortal
who dares to come here?
iselin - ill break the chains that bind you to theil

almighty warrior burn in the fire
of my sacred blade
almighty warrior burn in the fire
hear the scream of my revenge

foolish man, do you think to defy my anger?
do you think to rise up in arms against the almight god?
the fury of my winds could sweep thy body away
but, mortal, another destiny is awaiting you

[pre-chorus ii]
fight - look to the bravest of my
warriors defying you kill - only in this way victoryll be yours

[repeat chorus / solo / repeat chorus]


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