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return to the fatherland ark sz

many years have passed
many wars i have fought
before i came back to you
for you i killed - for you i cried
o cradle of my life

i ran away towards some place far beyond
i told you farewell in order to defend
the honour of thy noble flags

after many clashes - after long journeys
i see you again, my lovely home
dark, sad and still - no word, no move
to welcome my arrival

are these grey stones all of the grandeur left by war?
no - not all thy strength, not all thy fame is gone
not all the memories in you live

among these ruined walls, my lords
i feel a great power still lives
so in this lonely place it shines on
witness of the ancient glory

among these ruined walls, my lords
i feel the immortal spirits live
so in this lonely place they shine on
guardians of the ancient glory


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