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godhall ark sz

"they said there was a distant land
the only one where you could be free
they told there was a noble world -
its name was godhall..."

i have spent my life to travel and roam
from land to land in search of godhall
my eyes have seen rich and poor kingdoms,
enchanted places and desert plains

kings and nomads
fallen from grace
knights of any race
hosts of warriors
on my way
i have seen until my power failed

in nameless, dark lands
like a burning star
i roam and run
in nameless, dark lands
like a burning star
in search of godhall

now - old and still - i lay on my bed
my eyes, that saw all, are now tired
the sacred words, the ancient tales
have been revealed to be false truths

my past madness is now dead
turning into stillness
the value and ardour of my youth
left me and with them all my dreams


i have sacrificed my life to find you
why now do i feel you near?



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