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follow the signs ark sz

[music & lyrics: f. calluori]

visions and spectres of a dark night
moving like shadows before her eyes

she foresaw everything
horrors, groans and tears
are shaking the ground and the seas

from the battle-fields, war hymns arise
and the thirst for blood is beginning
look to the plain, bright troops are fighting for dominion, dominion...

its time to follow the symbols
remember these words
stand by my side
its time to follow the symbols
the prophecy is right... follow the signs

she saw the ravens of the war god
fly in the heavens - prophets of war

she fortold everything
fire, death and steel
the sparkling of swords and shields

[repeat chorus and pre-chorus]

o evil mortals... honour doesnt make you fight
its the shadow of thy hate
. the dark ghost of madness is filling they hearts
the thirst for conquest makes you blind

o cruel brothers, so you are attracted - by death and blood

[solo / repeat chorus]


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