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time is ticking away ark sz

i gotta do something thats what they say
because time is ticking away
i gotta get a job and work 8 hours a day
because time is ticking away
i gotta quit my school and become a famous dj
because time is ticking away
i gotta travel the world and learn spanish someday
because time is ticking away

time is ticking away
and there are too many things i wanna say
like "i love you" "thanks for being there"
"seize the day" "enjoy the moment"
because time is ticking away

i know one day i will pass away
i can worry, i can cry, i can pray
but i rather like to dance instead
and look back on the great times we had
i dont need many friends
but those i have are real
together were down for life
united we stand, devided we fall
all for one and one for all


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