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suicide ark sz

from a bridge, from a roof, for a train
from a boat, for a truck, out a plane
in your bed, in your room, under a tree
in a lake, in a bath, into sea
by a sword, by a rope or gasoline
by a knife, by a raiser or machine

suicide is in the air i can commit it everywhere
leave this world that is totally rotten
make sure ive nothing forgotten
i will leave a note behind
maybe someone will remind

im down, depressed and im feeling alone
this pain inside hurts me till the bone
im scared to die, i wanna life forever
asking questions but find the answer never
behind the doors of death is no return
my soul is gone, my body will burn

i just like to sit and cry all day long
but i have work to do because now im young
suicide, i think its no alternative
because ive a dream, a dream for which i live
but dreams can be broken or may not come true
thats the end of my story, nothing more to do


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