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regular day in bosnia ark sz

ive tried to find the words to tell
but how can words reflect their hell?
im struck by hollow empty eyes
faith is gone, trust replaced by lies
whats a home if it isnt yours?
is it human if if you cant show remorse?
respect is a laugh when guns blast
they just live today, it might be their last

its a regular day in bosnia
its a regular kid in bosnia
somethings still burning in bosnia
i will never forget about bosnia

im walking through this ghost-town
definite silence all sounds will drown
burned down houses withness paranoia
ethnic cleansing, name of the destroyer
a family portrait, its lying in rubbish
i think i know but still i pray, i hope, i wish
hunted, killed for what cause?
another ferers megalomania of course!

he tells me about the mine-fields he has crossed
he tells me about the friends he had lost
he tells me about his sister being blown to bits
he tells me about mines cleared away by kids
he tells me serbs and moslims used to walk hand in hand
he tells me things i will never understand

its the same in croatia
its the same in bosnia
its the same in kosovo
its the same in servia


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