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memories of pain ark sz

her eyes tell the sadness she feels inside
surrounded by darkness while the sun shines bright
the smile on her face is just to pretend
that nothing is wrong but she is marked till the end
confusion throws a young girls mind apart
like a knife that cuts out the feeling of her heart

the past, its never gone, constantly it will return
memories in her soul, forever burn
moments of pain, without any fun
theres to much misery in a life thats just begun

she feels old but her age is just seventeen
dark side of a thing called life is all shes seen
the way she looks tell me more than words can say
shes alone with fears in a world of betray
none can share her pain, its a stigma deep inside
she needs a rest but its a never ending fight


the tears that have fallen, they will fall again
again and again she feels the fear she felt then
her only wish is to lock that door to the past
and throw away the key faster than fast
only than stops the pain she doesnt deserve
only than stops the pain that none deserves



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