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kill the human race ark sz

no dogfights, no bullfights, no ape in a zoo
the oceans not so dirty black but deep-blue
no biotech, no hightech, no worldwar two
mother earth can exist without me and you

nothing would be wrong with the ozon layer
if nature could get rid of this two-footed betrayer
the lion should be king of all animals again
rain-forests could grow without bein chopped by men

kill the human reace; world would be a better place

no traffic jam, no car-crash, no farm-factories
the only sound around came by animals and trees
no circus, no steakhouse, no furcoat-store
within time, nature will not take this anymore

nothing would be wrong in south america
no hunting for pleasure in africa
i dont know how long it took to make this earth
but mankind destroyed it from the day of her birth

kill the human race; world would be a better place

no mtv, no ira, no kkk
were taking without giving, day by day
no slaughterhouse, no petstore, no greenhouse effect
who ever created mankinds had a serious defect

no safe-sex, no gay-bar, no black or white
its mankinds fault that so many things died
nature gave us aids, cancer and more of this shit
thats our punishment for the things we did


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