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into the war ark sz

addicted to clean violence as seen on the t.v. screen
not a man but just a boy and hes looking mean
never seen a corpse, not knowing how it smells
its never you who dies its always someone else
go into the war as if you play a football game
you want to become a hero
so that everybody knows your name
you have to puke when you see the first rotten body
but it wont take long cause destruction is all youll see

into the war, strong as a man
than you want out as fast as you can
but the door is locked, theres no way back
kill or be killed you have to attack

what is it that you fuckin fighting for?
you just dont know cause you couldnt think anymore
your friends are tortured, killed in the front of your eyes
its not only friends, its a piece of you that dies
and one time you realize, youre just a fucking victim
nothing more than a puppet of a rotten system


how many soldiers you have killed you just dont know
all the mothers that will cry for the sons you blow
maybe he is just as old as you
maybe he likes punkrock and has a girlfriend too
it is just a game with a deadly end
in the end you dont know whos your enemy or friend
the leaders they will talk but wont change a thing
total fuckin madness is what war you will bring!



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