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i dont care that you wear nike air ark sz
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i dont care that you wear nike air ark sz

i dont give a damn about fashion but thats just what counts today
you only talk about trade-mark but there is a lot more stuff to say
i thought punkrock had some ideals, you know, struggle against the grain
i thought no fashion was our fashion, i think thats something to maintain

why should we care about shoes & trousers? if people die of starvation
would it make me a better person if i drink the choice of a new generation?

i dont care, what kind of shoes you wear
i dont give a fuck, if you walk on vans or airwalk

i dont see much difference between nike and champion
but i do know that a marxian is not the same as a christian

i thought music was the main thing, not the color of my hair
inliner vs skater? if you break your legs youll get a wheel-chair

if we turn off the lights, were all the same
so struggle on together, thats our only game

i dont care, that you your shoes are nike air!


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