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cant find my brains ark sz

walk to the left, walk to the right
im searching for that happy light
running forward, running back
try to follow my followed track
im sure ive lost them around here
was it this street or overthere?

i cant find my brains, but i dont care at all
i cant find my brains, but i dont care

looking around thats what i do
cant find those things since a week or two
ive called to jesus and to 911
they told me:"youve lost them when you life begun"
if you have seen my brains hanging around
please call, i want them to be found

why am i looking for them anyway?
there are many guys just like me
look at koresh or mr. saddam hoessein
do those guys really have a brain?
the world is ruled by brainless fools
so i dont need a brain knowing all the rules


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