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can anybody tell me ark sz

can anybody tell me what im doing here
i try to stay alive in a world of fear
i just look out my window and guess what i see?
all those kinds of misery, it makes my angry

can anybody tell me why? can anybody tell me how?
can anybody tell me why? can anybody tell me how?

can anybody tell me if there is life after death?
where do i go after ive taken my last breath?
dont tell me thats something only god knows
cause ive never met jesus and i dont like muppetshows


my head is full of questions about this life
there is none who can tell my which way to survive
i just dont know which way i have to choose
maybe i will win but at the end i will loose
but im not a coward and ill choose to fight
the future will learn whats wrong and whats right


can anybody tell me who gave us the right? t
he right to call us human the right to kill & fight
we destroy a beautiful world that isnt eve ours
but once it is enough within years or maybe hours!

no one, no one, no one can tell me why!


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